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Dr. Sam Bowen
Naturopathic Doctor | Vancouver

Dr. Sam Bowen is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Vancouver, BC, with a clinical focus around menstrual cycle health and fertility.

Whether you are looking for support with preconception care, infertility, or recurrent miscarriage, Dr. Bowen offers empathetic and evidence-informed care that aligns with your fertility goals.

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Naturopathic Approach to Fertility

Dr. Sam Bowen’s approach to fertility care takes into account the bio-individuality of each patient. All new patients begin with a 1-hour initial consultation. This consultation allows for an in-depth health history intake to be conducted that assesses a patient’s current and past medical history and lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and diet. Relevant physical exam assessments are also performed during this time as well as a discussion about indicated lab testing. The purpose is to determine and address the root cause of any underlying health concerns that could be impacting fertility outcomes.

Once all pertinent information has been gathered, she creates personalized treatment plans that support each patient’s specific health needs and fertility goals. These treatment plans encompass a variety of different modalities that may include lifestyle counselling, nutritional support, supplements, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and IV therapy.

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Once a treatment plan has been initiated, follow-up consultations are scheduled to assess improvements and to address any new health challenges. The goal with all follow-up consultations is to ensure that the treatment plan is still in alignment with each patient’s current health needs and to ensure that each patient continues to feel supported throughout the fertility journey.

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