In-Person vs Virtual Naturopathic Consultations: What are the benefits of each?

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In-Person vs Virtual Naturopathic Consultations: What are the benefits of each?

For patients seeking out naturopathic medicine, they have the opportunity to book both in-person and virtual naturopathic consultations (sometimes referred to as telemedicine appointments). There are benefits to both in-person and online naturopathic consultations and the choice to select one over the other is dependent on patient preference or what needs to be accomplished during that appointment. Whether booking an initial consultation or a follow-up consultation, the goal with this blog post is to outline the benefits of virtual care and in-person care and to offer insight as to why someone may choose one over the other.

The Benefits of Virtual Consultations

Schedule Flexibility

Online naturopathic appointments allow for more flexibility within your schedule. Whether you are at work or at home, you can easily book in with your virtual naturopathic doctor during a time that fits best with your busy schedule. Online naturopathic services also take commuting and waiting room times out of the equation in order to maximize your time.


As mentioned, virtual appointments with your naturopathic doctor allow for you to have naturopathic treatment from the comfort of your home. Many people enjoy having an online consultation at home where they feel most relaxed and comfortable.

Safe and Secure Video Platform

All virtual consultations are conducted over a safe and secure video platform. This ensures that your medical information remains safe and confidential. In addition, any treatment plans and lab requisition forms created after your virtual naturopathic appointment can be securely uploaded to your patient portal for you to easily access.

* Special Note about Virtual Consultations

Throughout our care together, a physical examination may be warranted. In these cases, you will need to come into the office for the assessment or have the assessment performed by another medical professional. Physical exam assessments are an integral part of patient care and need to conducted when medically necessary

The Benefits of In-Person Consultations

In-Person Interactions

Many patients enjoy coming into the clinic for in-person interactions. Although this is a personal preference, some patients feel that they resonate more with in-person naturopathic care and derive more benefit from the doctor-patient relationship.

Physical Examination

In-person appointments allow for any physical exam assessment to be completed during the scheduled naturopathic appointment. Physical exam assessments can offer key information about how to guide the next steps in lab testing, referral, diagnosis, and treatment.

Specific Treatments

Licensed naturopathic doctors are trained to provide a variety of different treatment modalities, many of which need to be performed in-person. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that may include in-person treatment options such as acupuncture, intramuscular injections, or intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy.

This post is intended for educational purposes only. Please speak to your licensed health care provider before implementing any health recommendations or treatments.

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